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CBD Dosing

When determining the right CBD dose for you there are a few things you need to consider..

Everyone's dosage amount is going to be different for each individual based off of what symptoms they are using the product for and their desired results.

To find the right dose for you it is always recommended to start your regimen LOW at first and increase the dose as needed.

While figuring out your dose, it's important to know that you CAN'T overdose on CBD. Cannabinoids have no known toxicity to them. If you are taking too high of a dose, you will feel groggy at most and that's an indicator to know to cut back. Follow the general guidelines below:

To get a general idea of where to start, determine your level of pain and body weight.

Low Pain Level:

25lbs = 5mg

26-45lbs = 7mg

46-85lbs = 10mg

86-150lbs = 15mg

151-240lbs = 20mg

241+ lbs = 25-30mg

Medium Pain Level:

25lbs = 7.5mg

26-45lbs = 10mg

46-85lbs = 15mg

86-150lbs = 20mg

151-240lbs = 25mg

241+ lbs = 30-40mg

Severe Pain Level:

25lbs = 10mg

26-45lbs = 15mg

46-85lbs = 20mg

86-150lbs = 25mg

151-240lbs = 30mg

241+ lbs = 40-50 mg

* These doses will vary depending on pain tolerance as well. Adjust doses as needed!

The Mayo Clinic also gave a general guideline to follow:

For anxiety or loss of appetite keep doses low > 1mg - 15mg

For chronic pain > 10mg - 50mg as needed

Sleep Disorders > 40mg - 160mg as needed

MS Symptoms/ Similar Disorders > 5mg - 120mg as needed

Severe Epilepsy > 200 - 300mg daily

* Always check with your doctors before starting CBD, especially in severe health cases like epilepsy.

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