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Not All CBD is the Same

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Have you heard people say "CBD didn't work for me" ? It might be true.. because not all CBD products are the same! We know thousands of people who have tried it and say the same thing, but it turns out we've been missing a big piece of the puzzle.

The missing piece?

It's critical to know where your product is REALLY coming from. Many suppliers say 'Made in the USA!' but it turns out that the plants used to derive the CBD aren't grown in the US - making CBD products in chain stores and gas stations extremely cheap.

More and more hemp is being sourced from China, India, and other nations with very low quality standards.. so if a supplier is getting their hemp from overseas, there's very little they can do to ensure their hemp is being produced by quality farmers. We run into the same problem here in the US with growers making their own CBD products at home and flipping it for a quick buck.. that's when the question should be asked, "How good of quality of CBD am I really getting?"

Not to mention hemp plants absorb almost anything and everything in the soil around them. That means if the soil contains any heavy metals, pesticides, or nasty chemicals, the hemp plant your CBD oil comes from is going to have those things in it too.

It's a secret that virtually no one is talking about, and it's a shame because millions of people are missing out on this incredible product and its remedies because they think it doesn't work.

We learned that HOW you take your CBD is just as important as WHAT you take and WHAT is in your product.

So how can you ensure you are getting quality CBD? Here's a few tips:

* High milligram CBD oils that sell for cheap most likely mean it's coming from a low quality hemp plant which = low quality CBD oil which = NO RESULTS.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

* Genuine, high quality CBD products should and will be backed by COA's (certificates of analysis) which prove that the CBD product was tested in an FDA/USDA registered lab, showing results of EXACTLY what is in your product. Always ask to see a current COA for the product you want so you can be confident in what you are getting.

* Make sure you are using the product correctly! Don't be afraid to ask the proper way to use a product to make sure you get the max benefit out of it! Just like all CBD is not made the same, not all CBD products are used the same.

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